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For the past decade, Caroline has had the opportunity of a lifetime, working as an on-air news reporter for top market news stations. Since 2018, Caroline has flexed her journalistic and communication skills to expand into investigative reporting at Hearst Television's Milwaukee station, WISN-TV. Caroline is passionate about the stories she tells and the people she meets along the way. She is a dedicated team member who strives to communicate leading, impactful information with her audience, while championing her company's brand and mission. She loves staying active in her community by volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters, taking Spanish lessons and exploring local cuisine and music. Caroline enjoys physical fitness through a variety of means, including rock climbing, yoga, hiking with her dog and lifting weights. She also has a passion for cooking and baking and enjoys spending time with her loved ones. Originally from Chicago suburb Oak Park, Caroline has traveled all over the world and lived in various regions of the country, working for multiple, industry-leading news organizations to perfect her communications craft. Caroline invests herself in her career, her community -- and in her company!

About Caroline: Bio
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